My top 10 favourite movies

Good evening! Hope everyone has had a lovely Monday. And hope everyone is keeping safe❤️

1• War Horse- love love love this movie! I love watching things to do with the war.. and this movie is just incredible they portray everything perfectly. I wanted to see in theatre but never got the chance.

2•Pearl harbour again another movie based on war.. however this is based on a love story and the attack of pearl harbour which makes the movie amazing! I love movies that include a mixture.

3• Both the mama mia films. Oh wow these are my go to movies when I’m feeling down put on mama Mia and sing your heart out💞

4• Fast and furious. I can’t chose I love them all the same.. I’m a girl that loves my cars😍. And I’m also obsessed with Paul Walker who by the way I cried my eyes out when I found out he had passed away😭

5•Titanic. Again another real life story! And also goes in depth with the story line.

6•Love actually. One of my favourite Christmas movies and always gets me in the Christmas spirit! But it’s also very funny.

7• Polar express. A Christmas movie! However this is one to watch with the family or the children! Another one that puts you in the Christmas spirit.

8•Lion king. A brilliant Disney movie but also upsetting! And definitely one to watch with the family

9•Sulley. Based on a pilot landing his plane in the Hudson River! Oh my this movie was amazing I went to see it when it came to the cinema.. was amazing I won’t go into too much incase anyone wants to watch but hasn’t seen yet.

10•Labyrinth. This is a Sunday vibe type of movie. I remember as a child I used to sit down on the weekends and watch this ❤️

We have had nibbles a year today!😱💞

Good evening and happy Thursday hope everyone is keeping well and staying safe! So this blog is a special one today we are celebrating having nibbles are ferret a year today!.

1 year ago

We didn’t know what to call this little bundle of fluff and then she kept biting me and my fiancé and then we were set on calling her nibbles❤️

We have enjoyed every moment we get with her! And she’s such a character! She’s come such a long way from always biting us to now just kissing us and wanting to play!

A few days ago❤️

So I’m not going to show all the pictures as I will share them another day and you can see them on my social media’s which will be below.

Love you all❤️

Insta- shannon_mariaxx

Twitter- shannonmariax1

My end of July goals to achieve💪🏻

Good evening everyone! I hope you are all keeping safe with this pandemic still going on. So I took to Instagram yesterday to ask what my next post should be and well here I am writing this post! 🥰

So for my Instagram my goal is to achieve 2k followers. I will leave the link below with a picture of my Instagram, so that if any of you want to follow me you can. I try to be as active on Instagram as I can but some days I struggle..

Next up is my twitter account! I’ve recently started being active on here as I hadn’t used twitter in a long time. And it’s where I post my blog updates when I do them! So the goal for my Twitter is 200 followers.

And last but not least is my blogging page! I’m trying to reach 300 followers!… so I’m back at it as I had once again gone quiet on here as I just wasn’t feeling in the right space to be blogging but I’m back and I’m enjoying it again ❤️

So thank you for reading this! And please stay safe ❤️❤️

My primark most wanted

Good evening everyone! I thought I would do this to give you guys some inspiration and some ideas! So I went onto primark and found some of my most wanted! And I wanted to share them with you all.

I love these cami tops! Perfect to just put on. But you can also style it up!!
Love the primark jumpers! I haven’t owned one of these ones yet! So I really want to get one! As they are so comfy and just easy to throw on.
This looks so delicate and really cool!
These look so comfy!!
I love the primark scrunchies!! Can’t get enough of them! I have a makeup bag full on these!! 😍

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I’m back! 💪🏻

Hello everyone! So I took some time away from blogging as I just wasn’t feeling it! But I’m back and got so many new ideas on what to blog about.

I will have another blog going up later about something interesting…

I’ve also been working really hard on my insta and now also trying to work really hard on Twitter aswell…

A new fur addition

Hello guys so we have a new fur addition and I want you all to meet her!!welcome nibbles the ferret!

She’s about 10 / 11 weeks old now and she’s an absolute angel! She can be a monkey but love her to bits!!


So I’m currently on holiday in Great Yarmouth for just under a week now! And I’m loving every second of it.

And on Sunday the 7th of July there was a massive car show going on! And I had the pleasure of being able to see it for the first time which I was really excited about! So here are photos of the day!

Haul time!!

So once again my obsession of primark nails has got even bigger now!! I’m just so in love with the nails and they last!! They are perfect!!

Winnie the Pooh top is also from primark and I love the logo but the fabric of the top is also really nice.

Nails- primark

Flip flops-primark

Winnie the Pooh top-primark




The shower gel is from b&m and so are the body spray and perfume which I can’t wait to start using!!!

I’m literally obsessed with the twix bars which are also from b&m

The picture frame is from b&m

The shampoo and conditioner is lovely which is also from b&m