A new fur addition

Hello guys so we have a new fur addition and I want you all to meet her!!welcome nibbles the ferret!

She’s about 10 / 11 weeks old now and she’s an absolute angel! She can be a monkey but love her to bits!!


Fireworks Great Yarmouth

So the very first evening we spent on holiday, me and my other half went and saw some fireworks on the sea front! And they were incredible.


So I’m currently on holiday in Great Yarmouth for just under a week now! And I’m loving every second of it.

And on Sunday the 7th of July there was a massive car show going on! And I had the pleasure of being able to see it for the first time which I was really excited about! So here are photos of the day!

Haul time!!

So once again my obsession of primark nails has got even bigger now!! I’m just so in love with the nails and they last!! They are perfect!!

Winnie the Pooh top is also from primark and I love the logo but the fabric of the top is also really nice.

Nails- primark

Flip flops-primark

Winnie the Pooh top-primark




The shower gel is from b&m and so are the body spray and perfume which I can’t wait to start using!!!

I’m literally obsessed with the twix bars which are also from b&m

The picture frame is from b&m

The shampoo and conditioner is lovely which is also from b&m

A small primark haul!

Hello guys so sorry I haven’t blogged recently I’ve just been so busy! But I wanted to share with you guys some recent purchases that I brought from primark the other day!!!

as you guys will know from my previous hauls I’m obsessed with primarks false nails!! And I couldn’t resist it! I can’t wait to try the chrome set as I keep looking at them and they look gorgeous!!

now I love my flip flops and when I saw these for 90p I had to get them!! Yes they probably won’t last for ever but I love the colour and you can’t go wrong with the price!!

Another bargain was this jumper for only £1 I had to buy two!!!

And these shorts well they are lovely!! I’m normally a size 6 but these are stretchy and they fit nicely!!

My top 10 wedding cake ideas!

Hello my darlings I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day!! Now if your looking for ideas on what type of wedding cake to have for your wedding then I have found some for you!!

1. I love the colouring and I love the flower detail and the detailing on the cake itself.

2. This cake is gorgeous I love the heart shape and the pink and white flowers, it makes it look so different and stands out from a normal wedding cake.

3. I fell in love with this colour and the detailing on this is just crazy.

4. If you are having a Christmas wedding then look no further I saw this and fell in love with it instantly! I love the deer and the flower detail along the bottom.

5. I’m obsessed with this cake😍 I love the chocolate and white style and how it’s half an half, I love the little strawberry affects as it makes it so different but also makes my mouth water.

6. This cake is gorgeous! The black and white colours match and the picture detailing is just incredible the amount of effort that must have gone into this cake is just crazy.

7. I love the mr and mrs on top of the cake! I love the whole idea of a 4 tier cake and the floral icing around the cake is gorgeous😍.

8. This cake is just gorgeous in general and the flower just tops this cake off.

9.im chocolate obsessed and this is so my style of wedding cake!! It makes my mouth water just looking at it.

10. This cake is gorgeous once again! I love the white on the cake but I also love the different colours on the flowers.

I hope this has helped or given you some ideas!! I hope you all have a lovely day❤️❤️