My favourite photos I took in February 2019!

Hello guys so I’ve had my blog page for just over a year now! The support has been amazing so thank you all!

So today I just wanted to share some of my favourite photos that I took this month!!

My top 10 wedding cake ideas!

Hello my darlings I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day!! Now if your looking for ideas on what type of wedding cake to have for your wedding then I have found some for you!!

1. I love the colouring and I love the flower detail and the detailing on the cake itself.

2. This cake is gorgeous I love the heart shape and the pink and white flowers, it makes it look so different and stands out from a normal wedding cake.

3. I fell in love with this colour and the detailing on this is just crazy.

4. If you are having a Christmas wedding then look no further I saw this and fell in love with it instantly! I love the deer and the flower detail along the bottom.

5. I’m obsessed with this cake😍 I love the chocolate and white style and how it’s half an half, I love the little strawberry affects as it makes it so different but also makes my mouth water.

6. This cake is gorgeous! The black and white colours match and the picture detailing is just incredible the amount of effort that must have gone into this cake is just crazy.

7. I love the mr and mrs on top of the cake! I love the whole idea of a 4 tier cake and the floral icing around the cake is gorgeous😍.

8. This cake is just gorgeous in general and the flower just tops this cake off. chocolate obsessed and this is so my style of wedding cake!! It makes my mouth water just looking at it.

10. This cake is gorgeous once again! I love the white on the cake but I also love the different colours on the flowers.

I hope this has helped or given you some ideas!! I hope you all have a lovely day❤️❤️

Bridal hair ideas!

So as some of you know I am engaged and soon to be a wife! And Ive been looking at some hair inspiration and I thought it would be a goo idea to share some ideas that I have found with you guys especially if you are a soon to be wife!! So let’s get into it.

1. I love this style of hair, the way it’s curled and then put into a bun, I also love the little flower band as it really styles the hair.

2.I love this style of hair, the detailing is amazing how it’s plaitted and then put into a style of a bun. I also love the parts of hair around the face.

3. I love the detailing in this, I love the hair bad with the pearls and I love how they have wrapped the hair round and then Into a pony tail.

4. I love the floral headband and how all the hair is up and out of the face, this style has to be one of my favourite styles.

5. I love the different detailing and the headband just makes this hair style so different.

6. This hair style is definitely my favourite, I love the hair half up and half down! And the flower band going down the middle just makes it complete.

7. I love the plait and how it’s styled into a bun with little bits of hair hanging down.

8. This style is so unique with the plait and half the hair down, but I also like how it doesn’t need a floral design it’s just pretty and stands out on its own.

9. The curls make this so different and I love the little plait. The flowers tucked into the hair just make it so different.

Right so I hope this helps some of yours or even gives you ideas on what sort of style you are wanting for your special day!


Some of my goals for this year have already been completed!!

Hello guys so this blog isn’t exactly going to be brilliant but I wanted to share with you some of my goals that I had for this year!!.

So on Instagram I’ve been wanting to get noticed by a few famous people either them liking a comment or them following me etc..

So I love all of these amazing people and I’m so thankful!

Yes I know it’s only them liking a comment but to me it’s literally a dream because it shows that they have noticed me!

And I just wanted you guys to know to never ever give up on your dreams I know it can be hard but it pays of eventually!!

So if you have had any goals that you have achieved I would love to know about them!!

Love you all ❤️❤️

Big shopping haul

Hello guys so I’ve been planning this video for a while I’ve just been waiting for some deliveries!

1- make up bag; from primark they have different letters but I got the s also I love the detailing on the zip😍.

2- vest top; I live in these they are so comfy and fit perfectly, from primark.

3: bought from Topshop; I haven’t worn them yet but I can’t wait! They look cool and stylish and I can’t wait to try them with my outfits.

4: I love blender sponges and I couldn’t resist this when I saw it. From primark.

5: I haven’t tried these before so if any of you guys have please let me know what you think and if they are any good! Bought them from wilkos.

6: yes you guys know about my obsession with nails and I couldn’t resist!

7: so I wanted to try a eyelash primer and my god this is amazing!! Bought this one in primark and it’s a maybeline brand so I couldn’t wait to try it out! .

8: A new purchase from today a handbag! I saw it and had to get it as I love the detailing on it and the size is perfect! Bought from primark!.

9: a little summer top but I also want to style this with my crop top jumpers! From primark.

10: a crop jumper from primark it’s actually really comfy and nice and thick.

11: so when I saw this on Missguided I had to buy it I’m obsessed with fluffy outfits and I just couldn’t stop myself! It’s so cozy and styles out my outfits!

12: bought from a shop called select! Again a crop jumper but more summery as it’s not very thick.

13: and the last one which is this leopard print top and my god it’s so nice and looks lovely with some of my jeans I can’t wait to start wearing it!.

So I hope you guys liked this! I don’t really have a favourite item I like them all equally! ❤️❤️

Sale haul!!

so today I decided to use two of my vouchers that I got for Christmas and this was the result!

So I went into Accessorize and found some unicorn socks as many of you will know I’m unicorn obsessed and I couldn’t help myself both of them together came to about £2.50

primark- a set of 3 scrunchies for £2 and I love all 3 of the colours!

now I know it’s not Christmas anymore but I had to get this as one it was only £3 and two the thickness of this jumper is unreal! I will definitely be wearing it as it’s very cold!!!

now because me and my other half are changing our bedroom around I decided to buy more fairy lights which I want to go round my mirror (you will be seeing this in another blog very soon) and these only cost £1

and last as we all know what I’m like with my nails I had to get these!! £4 altogether and I’m just obsessed with the colours and can’t wait to put them on!!

Now I know this was a very small blog but I hope you enjoyed!

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